Online Mortgage Application

At Mortgages for Less, we strive to provide you with the easiest way of getting a low mortgage rate in Canada. Whether you need an Approval or a Pre-Approval we will need the basic application information to get you to the next step.

Step 1: Application

Our online application will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. Please try to complete it as accurately as possible, as this will help us place your loan with the best lender and at an excellent rate.

Step 2: Processing

Your Mortgage Agent will then be in touch to review your application and discuss your specific needs before getting you approved for your mortgage financing.

Step 3: Acceptance

When your loan is approved, your Mortgage Agent will send you your approval and a list of required documents. The approval must be signed and returned along with any other required documents.

Step 4: Funding

Once your loan is complete you will need to meet with your lawyer to finalize and register your loan.